The EMC helps you understand the multidimensional complexity of organisations, and develop a deeper understanding and new ways or eyes to see things with a more human aspect.
Clemente Pinedo

Clemente Pinedo

Nationality/Passport: Spanish Year of graduation: 2024 Current Role: Entrepreneur and investor

Can you tell us a little bit about your professional and personal background?

I have experienced many professional changes, from being a medical doctor, to investment banker and entrepreneur in different sectors.

Right now, I dedicate much of my time to an NGO to support patients with hematological diseases, mainly from leukemia and lynphoma. 

What is a fun fact or something unexpected about you? 

I love to dance tango. 

What made you decide to pursue the EMC at INSEAD?

I am in a personal transition that is guiding me into a professional transition. During a leadership course I took, I realised that what made me happy was to help people. My NGO work was fulfilling and the director of the course suggested that I could become a coach to help organisations and leaders to become more human.

I loved the idea of trying in my small environment to make an impact, and that is why I am pursuing the EMC, as part of my training for my new career path.

What are your impressions of the classroom atmosphere, the content, professors and your classmates so far?

Superb! I am thrilled with the atmosphere, the alumni and the professors. The quality is outstanding.

Please share some examples of new insights / tools that you have gained through the EMC and how you’ve been able to implement them in your professional life?

First of all, to stop and do nothing. And by this I mean to stop and reflect more. This has given me more insights on many issues that were pending to be solved.

Also, I have analysed why certain behaviours or conducts from others trigger me, and the origin of those triggers. This has helped me to understand myself better and to control, sometimes, my reactions, being more aware of myself, while understanding others more. 

Another issue is to understand more the complexity of situations, and that sometimes, you need to build the patience to collect more data without rushing to fast conclusions and jumping into doing, but more into being.

Lastly, what advice do you have for people out there who may be currently reading about the programme or considering whether this is the right programme for them?

The EMC helps you understand the complexity of organisations that are multidimensional, and helps you to develop a deeper understanding and new ways or eyes to see things with a more human aspect.

It opens your mind, and it gives you new tools to become a better leader, at your personal but also professional level.