As I go through this journey, I find joy in the alignment of my values with INSEAD's "Business for Good" mindset.
Reena Agrawal

Reena Agrawal

Nationality/Passport: American Year of graduation: 2024 Current Role: Global Data Product Manager, Schneider Electric

Fun fact about yourself?

I "dare to dream". I am comfortable pushing my boundaries and exploring outside my comfort zone. From my first flight ever being halfway across the world, to jumping off a plane and sky diving - I seek exciting opportunities.

As a multimedia artist, I have leveraged art as therapeutic and meditative medium much before it became a thing! I like to think out of the box, leading me to become a certified Health Coach to gain a wholistic approach to manage my chronic medical condition and share my knowledge on integrative wellness with career women.

What led you to decide to pursue an EMBA, and why did you choose INSEAD in particular?

My growth and global experience at large corporations like Microsoft and Schneider Electric was fueled by my technical expertise in data, software engineering and product management. I wanted to round this off with a formal business education.

I am also exploring my ambition to build an EduTech venture that empowers people and improves lives, especially of the ones with fewer means. And I want to fill my arsenal with all the tools that will propel me in this journey. I believe in lifelong learning and this journey is also to serve as an example for my daughters. 

INSEAD with its focus on leadership development and entrepreneurship, and with a cohort across three campuses, truly stands out as a global programme that supports my needs.

As I go through this journey, I find joy in the alignment of my values with INSEAD's "Business for Good" mindset.

Could you describe your experience so far? The classes, the curriculum, your fellow participants, the professors?

I am thankful that the pandemic is behind us and we are experiencing face-to-face interactions with the brilliant professors and the experienced cohort. The insights and interactions with the diverse, experienced and passionate cohort is priceless.

The learning outside the class is invaluable as you grow your network and make new friends. It is an intense programme with huge time commitments required, and the curriculum is designed to build up the momentum. The stage has been set, the story is unfolding, the best is yet to come.

Has the EMBA helped you in your career so far?  

After a quarter of the programme, the immediate impact is subtle but sure. It has certainly equipped me with the "business speak" as well as deeper understanding of various business functions. The simulations have provided key learnings that I have applied immediately to my current role. The connects with other experienced professionals has expanded the horizon of possibilities and learning.

Could you tell us more about the Leadership Development Programme experience?

The Leadership Development Programme was one my key interest area of my INSEAD GEMBA journey.

The modules are structured to enable you to explore the different layers of leadership - from resolving external conflict to exploring internal strengths - all in a safe and trusted environment. The more you share and invest in the process, the more the benefits are realised. The coach and the LDP group is here to support the journey of discovery and exploration.

What advice would you give to someone who might be interested in pursuing an INSEAD Masters programme?

Understand your motivations and drivers for the change you seek. Be prepared to feel uncomfortable and push your boundaries as you explore opportunities, and be inspired by the diverse cohort. Connect with alumni to get personal perspectives.