From personal to professional, the benefits you stand to gain from embarking on an Executive MBA are huge and life-changing, and whilst everyone experiences the programme in a very individual way, here are the top reasons highlighted by our participants and alumni. 

1. Close Gaps on Fundamental Business Skills

EMBA fundamental business skills

An EMBA will give you a solid foundation in the fundamental practices of business needed to succeed in senior leadership roles. These are areas like finance, accounting, international political analysis, leading people and organisations, macro- and microeconomics, marketing, process and operations management, and strategy.

Whether you’re an experienced manager, a career specialist or a business owner, you will need to have good grasp on the essential concepts in each area in order to progress to the next level in your organisation or make your business grow.

If going back to the classroom and sitting for exams sounds a little intimidating, don’t forget that much of the learning experience will also be influenced by the calibre of the professors teaching you. Programmes such as the INSEAD EMBA are taught by world-class faculty who are among the most highly respected globally for their research, teaching skills and real-world influence.

2. Develop a Range of Effective Leadership Styles

EMBA leadership style

The concept and practice of leadership in business involves much more than managing others. It is also about helping your organisation adapt to the unknown.

Leaders must be flexible, aware of their context, and able to adjust their leadership style to the situation at hand.

Therefore, developing and improving your leadership skills is crucially important for a senior management role, and an EMBA gives you the opportunity to do so.

INSEAD’s Global Executive MBA includes a comprehensive Leadership Development Programme (LDP) which combines a wide range of innovative learning methods designed to help you to redefine and expand your leadership skills. You will get the time and space to focus on yourself and work on specific areas of improvement that will make you a more impactful leader. 

3. Build a Powerful Network

EMBA powerful network

An EMBA gives you the invaluable opportunity to meet and interact with new groups of people, expanding both your professional and your personal network. During the programme you will benefit from the diversity of participants in your class, maximising your learning by challenging your assumptions and broadening your perspectives. For example, INSEAD’s Global Executive MBA class has participants from more than 50 nationalities from around the globe and from a wide range of industry backgrounds.

The bonds fostered with one another during the programme often translate to lifelong friendships and business opportunities, buoyed by an active alumni community. The INSEAD alumni network is home to over 67,000 senior managers, C-level executives and successful business owners across nearly 200 countries. 

4. Make an Immediate Impact

EMBA immediate impact

Because an Executive MBA is a part-time or modular programme, you will be able to make an immediate impact at work and directly apply the knowledge and skills you gain in the classroom to real-world situations.

The learning is deep and engaging since you can test new behaviours and tools when you get back to the office.

Furthermore, there will be many practical elements such as implementation essays or other projects where you can think through and work on your company’s real-life challenges while getting valuable feedback from your peers and faculty.

5. Take Charge of Your Career

EMBA Career

EMBA participants have diverse needs for career support. Be it career advancement or a new business venture, an EMBA will open up new opportunities and help to boost your professional development. Along the way, your school will offer tailored support to help you succeed.

The fact that INSEAD is recognised by companies worldwide as a key source of talent and career development will help you open doors and advance your career.

Along the journey you will be supported by a dedicated Career Development Centre team specialising in Executive MBA career needs.

Last updated in October 2023

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