Rigour and relevance in teaching and research are one of INSEAD’s five founding values, together with diversity as a source of learning and enrichment, independence as a governance principle, closeness to the international business community and an entrepreneurial spirit. 

The school's global reputation for research and teaching excellence is underpinned by currently 165 faculty members from 40+ countries across all four INSEAD locations. 

Their award-winning work spans nine disciplines from organisational behaviour and leadership to finance and economics and 18 specialised centres and initiatives that inspire, support and challenge business leaders across industries in a portfolio of Master programmes and executive education offerings. 

There is no single preferred teaching method at INSEAD. Our faculty is free to choose the method they believe fits best with the content of the session. You will, therefore, experience a wide variety of teaching styles and techniques in each programme, including case studies, computer simulations, role-plays, project work and study tours. 

What matters is not the method chosen but the result: the effectiveness of your learning experience.

In an open and collaborative intellectual environment, INSEAD faculty stand at the frontiers of new knowledge creation that is a driving force for change in business and society - contributing to the school’s vision of business as a force for good.

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