Does one need permission to aspire to be more? Is it crazy to hope to make a difference in the world? Is limiting ourselves to our circumstances the sensible thing to do?

Not at INSEAD.

Here, you’ll find common ground, equal footing, and support for all ambitions.

Because your ambition isn’t defined by your gender. It’s defined by you.

Come, dream limitless.

“Gender imbalance isn’t just an issue for women. It is a business issue and a societal issue that impacts us all. It’s therefore essential that we are all part of the solution.

At INSEAD, creating a diverse community where individuals from all backgrounds can thrive and freely pursue their ambitions is central to our DNA. We aim to provide an inclusive and supportive environment and a level playing field that empowers everyone to achieve their dreams without constraints.

In honour of this ongoing commitment, I am proud to introduce the fourth installment of Limitless, INSEAD’s Women’s Campaign 2023: Ambition Has No Gender. 

Please join us, working together we can make a real difference."

Ilian Mihov
Dean of INSEAD

Ilian Mihov

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INSEAD Ambition Has No gender

Working towards gender balance is an integral part of what we do at INSEAD.

Over the past decade, INSEAD has welcomed more than 1,900 female executives, while more than 4,600 women graduated from our different Master Programmes. Additionally, more than 1,300 female scholars have been supported by INSEAD, underlining the school's ongoing commitment to fostering a diverse and inclusive academic community. 



Hear more about our community of women who have dared to push beyond their own limits and conquer obstacles in their lives to create positive change. 


“As a future leader from INSEAD I wanted to leave something positive in the world.”

Men and women are not differently ambitious. In this video, MBA students challenge gender stereotypes and biases that hinder women's progress in leadership roles.

It features successful women and men sharing their stories of breaking free from discrimination and inspires building a diverse, equitable, and inclusive world.

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“I wanted to contribute in a positive way, and help make people's lives better.”

How can you can support gender initiatives in your career and leadership positions?

In this podcast, MBA'18J alum Antoine Clavier and Zoe Kinias, Professor of Organisational Behaviour and Academic Director of the Gender Initiative,  discuss what the next generation of leaders can do to facilitate women’s success in business.

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“Female confidence is a double-edged sword.”

Biases permeate our society, and we hold them against ourselves and others. We spoke to a group of INSEAD alumnae to learn more about their journey to break free from stereotypes and discrimination. 

We hope to start conversations around the personal, societal, and cultural belief systems successful women have confronted and overcome.

Their stories are sources of nourishment and courage, and inspire us to build a world that is diverse, equitable, and inclusive. 

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Organisations really need to look at how they empower all people – women as well as men – to achieve their fullest potential.

“Leaders have a responsibility to determine the best way forward and to model the kinds of values, strengths and possibilities that inspire others to follow suit, even in adversity. And that’s who I am, as a woman and as a leader.” 

Hear from Mukwandi Chibesakunda, CEO of the Zambia National Commercial Bank and participant of INSEAD's Women Leaders Programme, on how she makes it her duty to be a force for good.

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“For anyone who is apprehensive, I would say reach out to us!”

Is this the right time in your career to do an Executive MBA? Is this something that you deserve to do? Are you doing the right thing by your family? These are all valid questions that many of our alumnae and current participants have asked themselves before embarking upon their EMBA journey.

Hear how they have lived through these challenges, and their advice on how to overcome the obstacles and barriers to pursue professional growth. 

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