The Executive Master in Change Class of 2022 (Asia) started in 2019 on the INSEAD campus in Singapore. 27 participants from 16 nationalities embarked together on a transformative journey towards change leadership, or, as some would say, the journey of a lifetime

Who are the people in this class, and what are their dreams and motivations? We caught up with a few of them to find out more. 

INSEAD EMC Class of 2022 (Asia)


"The relationship bonds created at the EMC are much more than just about networking!"


Joanna Koh
Training Manager


Joanna grew up in Singapore and took a rather non-conventional route through life.

"Leaving school at 18, my years as a young adult were spent in the universe of fashion, photography and beauty, which brought me around the world and made me realise the power of learning through experience," she shares. 

At the same time, she always knew that eventually she would want to come back to school to complement her experience with theory.

"I'm fascinated by human behaviour and the EMC provided me the opportunity to pursue a master's degree which integrates both business and psychology," says Joanna.


"I also wanted to find a course that would bring with it meaningful networking. For the record, the relationship bonds created at the EMC are much more than just about networking!" 

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"Emotions are more important than logic."

Hiroyuki Miyake


Hiroyuki is an experienced professional in the management training space who founded and runs his own company in Japan, China and Singapore. 

He embarked on the INSEAD EMC to explore the connection between personal and organisational transformation.

"Emotions are the most important thing for people," he says. "I would like to handle the emotions of organisations with care." 

INSEAD EMC Hiroyuki Miyake


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