The Executive Master in Change Class of 2023 (Europe) started in September 2022 on the INSEAD campus in Fontainebleau. 26 participants from 17 countries of residence and 19 nationalities embarked together on a transformative journey towards change leadership, or, as some would say, the journey of a lifetime

Who are the people in this class, and what are their dreams and motivations? We caught up with a few of them to find out more. 

EMC Class of 2023 Europe


"After completing just one module, my enthusiasm and love for the programme has increased exponentially."

Noha Ayaso Duwaji INSEAD EMC

Noha Ayaso Duwaji
Management Consultant


Noha is a freelance management consultant with a diverse background ranging from organisational restructuring to developing comprehensive strategies in both the private and public sectors.

She is currently based in Dubai together with her husband and three children, but views herself as a citizen of the world as she was born and raised in Bahrain, carries heritage from Syria and is bound by spiritual affiliation to Canada.

"I hope to become an instrument of positive influence and change in my community and within the organisations I am affiliated with."


"The EMC was on my radar at least five years before I got accepted into the programme," shares Noha. She was pursuit of higher education in the field of management with a focus on transformation and change when she came across the INSEAD EMC.

"Although at the time I wasn’t clear on what exactly the programme was about, I was drawn to the notion of a psychodynamic approach to understanding organisational behaviour," she says. "I am now one module in and am amazed at the internal movement that has already taken place and the significant impact I have been already been experiencing

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"The EMC was the best fit because of its balance between increasing self-awareness and acquiring a greater understanding of human behaviour and organisational dynamics. "

Jos Blom
Group R&D Manager


Jos is an engineer in charge of building high-performing teams with the capacity to deliver complex, high-tech solutions and currently lives in Achterveld, a small community in the heart of the Netherlands. 

"Over the years, as I began working more with others, with teams, and the wider organisation, I realised that my interest actually lies in the human side of organisational life," he says.

"My ultimate goal is to inspire, facilitate, and give others the space to discover and get the best out of themselves, so that they can, in turn, do the same,"


Jos is deeply passionate about developing organisations, teams, people, and technology, and strongly believes that understanding what it takes to transform oneself is a critical success factor in transforming teams and organisations.

"The EMC is a safe space in which to discuss deeply profound and personal topics, and somewhere to become aware of many different things that have been hidden in your subconscious all your life. This can be very challenging, sometimes even uncomfortable, but that is what I am here for. After all, I want to grow as a person."

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