The INSEAD Executive Master in Change (EMC) is a programme unlike any other. It is a personal development pathway that takes you deep into the basic drivers of human behaviour and the hidden dynamics of organisations. 

By integrating business education with a range of psychological disciplines, the EMC prepares participants to assume roles in leading organisations, drive individual and organisational development, and successfully execute change management.  

The programme takes place over the course of 18 months in a convenient modular format that allows participants to study while they work.

The EMC has intakes on both the INSEAD Europe and Asia campuses each year. The class profile below offers a brief introduction to the participants of our EMC'24 Classes, showcasing their professional profiles and objectives for pursuing the EMC.

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Meet some participants of the EMC Classes of 2024 (Europe)

"If you are wondering why the latest change project in your organisation has failed or the post-merger integration is just not happening the way it should, EMC is for you."

EMC Ulf Marhenke

Ulf Marhenke
Coach, Change Consultant, M&A Lawyer


Ulf spent more than 15 years advising financial investors and strategists on domestic and cross-border merger and acquisition transactions, before pivoting into a new career as coach and change consultant. 

"Through my (legally trained) analytical skills coupled with my focus on emotions and systems-psychodynamics, I find meaning and purpose in contributing to a more humane working world", he shares. 

"One key learning from the EMC is how to overcome purely rational management by paying attention to the conscious and unconscious dynamics in organisations.

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"I was looking for an international programme with an international student body and the INSEAD network was definitely appealing."

Delphine Menard

Delphine Ménard
Global HR & Change Manager


Delphine's upbringing and career has taken her to live and work in several countries, across multiple roles and industries.

"I finally made it to Global HR, which feels like it's the thing I have been made for with its focus on people and systems, the two things I loved in all my other jobs", she shares. 

"When looking back at my work trajectory, it became clear that no matter the job I was actually doing, there was in it a great component about change and change management."

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"The tools that we are learning are of a great help to any CEO, board member, middle manager and for any person who is keen to understand people better."

INSEAD Executive Master in Change Tareq Alangari

Tareq Alangari
EO, Managing Director and Board Member


Tareq's career till date spans multiple sectors, including retail, corporate banking, capital market regulations and operations, investor relations and corporate governance for listed companies.

"A common factor I like in all I do is that it includes the purpose of building and transforming", he shares. 

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" I was looking for a top-notch programme which integrates the themes of leadership, human dynamics and the value of diversity."

Peter Willems

Peter Willems
Vice President, Global Head International Pharmacovigilance, Johnson & Johnson


Peter is a senior executive who has worked in both large corporations as well as small biotech firms and served in professional, executive and board roles.

"I have a passion for leadership, human dynamics and the value of diversity, but little academic background on those topics", he shares. "As I want to further develop and grow in that area I was looking for a top-notch programme which integrates these themes."

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