The INSEAD MBA Class of December 2024 started their journey on the Fontainebleau and Singapore campuses in January. Read on below to meet some members of this class, to find out more about their stories, their motivations for joining INSEAD and their aspirations for the future.

"I applied to INSEAD to meet other change makers who will be making critical decisions in innovative enterprises around the world."

INSEAD MBA student Petra Janney

Petra Janney
Role prior to joining INSEAD: Co-Founder at Amelia Air and Hatcher


Petra holds an undergraduate degree in Science, Technology, and Society from Harvard University, and has devoted her career to create a better future.

"After growing up in rural Maine with a deep appreciation of the natural environment, I see climate change as a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to reinvent the way we do business", she says. 

"Underlying all my work is the belief that compassion is the conduit for improving life on this planet, and I chose INSEAD to learn how to scale my impact."

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"I chose INSEAD because of the unparalleled diversity and the opportunity to study and live in multiple continents."

INSEAD MBA student Bat Zorigt

Bat Zorigt
Role prior to joining INSEAD: Operations Specialist at Oyu Tolgoi LLC


Bat is a trained engineer and worked at a copper-gold mine in the South Gobi Desert of Mongolia prior to INSEAD. 

"After five years working in operations and project management, I decided to broaden my exposure and scope of my work to bridge the gaps", he says. 

"What’s equally important for me is making the MBA experience a transformative one so I can grow personally as an individual and as a global citizen."

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"INSEAD has broadened my horizons by being exposed to the problems and solutions that are being adopted in different corners of the world."

INSEAD MBA student Itunnu Awogbade

Itunnu Awogbade
Role prior to joining INSEAD: Strategy Senior Associate at PwC Nigeria


Itunnu holds a Bachelor's degree in International Relations and Anthropology and joined INSEAD with a diverse set of interests and experiences.

"I am deeply aligned with the INSEAD ethos, and being in a global environment that celebrates the strength of diversity is where the most growth has happened for me", she shares.

"The experience in the first couple of weeks is very high-energy, high-activity and high-excitement, not many places feel that way."

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"I applied to INSEAD as it has consistently been ranked amongst the world's top MBA programmes."

INSEAD MBA student Hector Bagley

Hector Bagley
Role prior to joining INSEAD: Director at Ashinaga Uganda


Hector is of Scottish and South African descent and holds two degrees from Oxford University. Prior to joining INSEAD he worked for non-profit organisations providing educational access to those in need.

"I am pursuing an MBA to enhance my skillset to allow me to have more impact", he shares. 

"Being exposed to so many diverse perspectives at INSEAD will help me tailor my leadership skills so I am better able to work in international settings."

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"The global network that INSEAD provides will be crucial to my future success and aspirations."

INSEAD MBA student Katrina Yap

Katrina Yap
Role prior to joining INSEAD: Global Support and Training Specialist at Roche Diagnostics


Katrina holds a Master's degree in Engineering and built her career in the healthcare industry, with the last six years working in Germany. 

"Having had several technical roles, I was curious about how products were brought to market, and wanted to take a more strategic role in the future", she says. 

"As I have experience moving from the Philippines to Europe, it was important for me to feel like I belonged. Now that I have been here for a month, my expectations were far exceeded."

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"At INSEAD, you should immerse yourself in the diversity and myriad of opportunities it presents."

INSEAD MBA student Benedikt Kirchgaessler

Benedikt Kirchgaessler
Role prior to joining INSEAD: CEO / Founder at CyanoGuard AG


Benedikt began his career in the finance industry but pivoted into science and entrepreneurship, building on his passion for chemistry. 

"My journey was driven by a deep desire to learn and create meaningful change", he shares. 

"Leading my own venture has been about more than just business; it's been about pushing boundaries, embracing new challenges, and making an impact through our work. This path has shown me the importance of following your curiosity and being open to where it might lead you."

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