The INSEAD MBA Class of December 2022 embarked on their exciting journey in January 2022 in Singapore and Fontainebleau. 

We caught up with a group of students to find out what motivated them to pursue an MBA, why they decided on INSEAD and what their plans are for the future. 

INSEAD MBA Class of 2022


"I don’t think there exists a place as diverse as INSEAD."

Alyssa MBA

Alyssa Yu
Role prior to INSEAD: Assistant General Manager at Chase Mega Corporation


Alyssa holds a Bachelor's degree in Pharmacy from the University of the Philippines and joined INSEAD with close to seven years of experience in the FMCG industry. 

Along the way, she had co-founded a food manufacturing company and her interest in entrepreneurship still runs strong. 

"I decided to get an INSEAD MBA because I wanted to gain the necessary skills and knowledge to be able to create and scale businesses in Southeast Asia," says Alyssa.

"Most of the learning comes from outside the classroom so take the time to get to know the people around you! You’d be surprised how much you can learn from them," she shares.

"Also, I don’t think there exists a place as diverse as INSEAD – you’ll meet people from more than 60 countries and from very different backgrounds. So far I’ve met entrepreneurs, lawyers, doctors, architects, engineers, and accountants, and I haven’t even met everybody in our cohort yet!"

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"Pursuing an MBA is my chance to reset; to reflect on where I’ve been, build on where I am, and redefine where I’m going."

INSEAD MBA Douglas Taylor

Douglas Taylor
Role prior to joining INSEAD: Global Sourcing


Douglas holds a Master's degree in International Business from the University of Edinburgh and joined INSEAD with nine years of experience in Global Sourcing at an international apparel retailer.

"INSEAD was the obvious choice for me because the wide range of nationalities along with the intensity of the one-year length," says Douglas. 

Though he has been at INSEAD for only six weeks, the exposure to such a diverse and fast-paced environment has already deeply impacted him. 


"You can surround yourself with brilliant people from similar backgrounds and have an easier path to a good outcome," Douglas says. "But if you are willing to take a more challenging path to a great outcome, you should surround yourself with brilliant people from different backgrounds and ensure their perspectives are included."

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"INSEAD's focus on diversity is aligned with my own values."

INSEAD MBA Rafaela Mazzone

Rafaela Mazzone
Role prior to INSEAD: Global Ads Product Lead at Google


Rafaela joined INSEAD with 10+ years of experience in the technology industry across different markets. 

"I decided to get an MBA mainly to strengthen my business education," she says. "I have an undergrad in International Politics and got all of my business knowledge working in Tech companies in Brazil and in the US."

"As I didn’t have an undergrad education in business, the programme so far has offered a steep - but rewarding - learning curve!

Our professors have impressive backgrounds and are clearly passionate about teaching. I have also been learning a lot from my classmates, and from our discussions in and outside the classes," shares Rafaela. 

"You might not sleep too much during your programme, but you will certainly have an amazing year!"

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"The professors are super knowledgeable on the topics and their accolades speak for themselves."

INSEAD MBA Graham Curtis

Curtis Graham
Role prior to INSEAD: Owner at Santa Catarina Consulting, LLC.


Curtis holds a Bachelor of Science in Management Information Systems, Spanish and Portuguese.

Over the past 10 years, he has worked in various consulting roles with a focus on sustainabillity, eventually founding his own consultancy. He joined INSEAD with a desire to get into social impact consulting.

"INSEAD was the perfect choice due it being a one-year programme, its international presence, and its post-graduation consulting placement stats," says Curtis. 

"Find your ‘why’", advises Curtis. "It might seem a little cliché, but knowing this will greatly facilitate the application process to INSEAD."

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"I decided to pursue an MBA to gain a broader understanding of business and learn from best practices across the world."

INSEAD MBA NEha Singh Jadoun

Neha Singh Jadoun
Role prior to INSEAD: Head of Design


Neha describes herself as a curious design professional with experience in business development, merchandising, and product/brand management.

She is passionate about fostering cross-border collaboration through technological advancements, strategic decisions, and sustainable development.

Prior to joining INSEAD Neha was leading a large team to produce clothing and home-furnishing collections for some of the world's leading fashion and luxury brands. 

"Design is my passion, and I have always loved my work," Neha shares.

"However, when COVID struck, the entire fashion and textile industry suddenly came to a standstill. Many of our clients went insolvent, shipments got stuck, and industry-wide massive layoffs were announced. 

That's when I decided to pursue an MBA to gain a broader understanding of business and learn from best practices across the world so that when I graduate, I'll be better prepared to handle difficult situations and can have a significant influence on management decision making."

"INSEAD, right from the beginning, was my first choice due to the shorter programme duration, diverse global cohort, incredible alumni support and network in almost every country in the world, and outstanding post-MBA career opportunities.

Apart from these, what resonated the most with me was the school's motto of "Business as a Force for Good," which perfectly aligns with my life aspirations as well, and I was overjoyed when I received the acceptance letter from the school."

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