Do You Know the Numbers Behind the INSEAD MBA?

Minh Huy LAI

Everyone knows INSEAD's MBA public statistics of three campuses, 1000+ students, 33%+ women, 90+ nationalities...etc. But what most students don't know are the "behind the scenes" numbers that makes the MBA programme tick...

For the 2017-2018 academic year, we scheduled:

  • 6,667 in-class sessions (2,437 core and 4,230 elective) on our three campuses
  • 1100+ individual and team coaching sessions
  • 14 field trips
  • 256 tutorials
  • 108 exams
  • 22 course presentations
  • 115 Career Development Centre sessions
  • 4 Launch Week and Business Foundation Weeks on both campuses
  • 4 Graduation Ceremonies.

And these are only the academic and career sessions!

We don't count the huge volume of student clubs, student life and language classes' activities that students have access to as well. Administering and delivering a MBA programme at this scale has few parallels anywhere in the world!

So join us and feel the seamless INSEAD MBA experience!