Future of Work

Katy Montgomery

Back in September 2017 I attended the World of Work:  2030 Conference at Henley Business School, University of Reading (you can find lots of takeaways from the conference by searching for the hashtag #WOW2030 in Twitter). Technology is clearly transforming the world of work. What do you need to know?

Past success does not determine future success

  • Value is acquired by taking risks; you must have a mindset of curiosity and courage
  • If you are not making decisions based on data you are making decisions in the blind
  • Be willing to fail and adjust accordingly (Follow your personal data; ask if you are still relevant and if the answer is no, be willing to go out and acquire more appropriate skills)
  • Career resiliency (ability to adapt to change even when circumstances are discouraging or disruptive) is now more important than ever
  • Ability to collaborate will become more vital than ever; be aware of the three killers of collaboration:  (1) behaviours; (2) too much what and not enough how; and (3) idea follow-through
  • Predictions for the future of work: (1) portfolio careers; (2) employees will “jump around” among experiences, skills, knowledge, and interests; (3) trust will become its own currency in the workplace; (4) borderless workforce; (5) HR departments will become more strategic and empowered in organisations; (6) organisations will move from singular to exponential, top-down to autonomous, hierarchical to socialised.