Is INSEAD Better Than Harvard Business School?

Alex Varova

It is a great question to ask, as you can get insider views on the pros and cons of both schools.

Before I selected INSEAD as the school of my choice, of course, just like you, I was asking around, doing my own research and even visited the campuses, where I took a few classes and spoke with the students.

Before making the choice, the first question I would ask myself is whether the USA would be the main target location for my future employment. Because if it is, and due to many reasons that other bloggers have stated here (USA network, reputation, etc.), I would choose HBS.

However, if you are looking for employment worldwide, I would choose INSEAD with its campuses in Europe, Asia and the Middle East, as it truly provides you with a global network.

I did the INSEAD MBA in France and Singapore and I proudly say that INSEAD changed my life. Since then, my corporate career took me to Japan, Switzerland and now France.

I completed one of the most prestigious leadership development programmes at Nissan Motor with experiences in many different functions and projects.

And even though now I am still making adjustments in my career and starting my entrepreneurship journey, I have the best support: INSEAD and the friendships I made there.