Push Through!

Katy Montgomery

Have you seen this video?  It is part of the GapKids Back to School campaign.  The mantra you hear on the video is not just clever marketing; it is a mantra created by Jasymn Wright a third grade teacher at Frederick Douglass Mastery Charter School in Philadelphia. She starts every single class with this call-and-response mantra:

What if it is too hard?

I want to push through!

What if it too rough?

I want to push through!

What if it is too tough?

I want to push through!

What if you are just too young?

That’s not true!

What if you are not good enough?

That’s not true!

Why because?

I can do anything I put my mind to!

I believe in you

Chin up!

Believe in yourself

Head high!

Tell my why. . .

We push through anything we put our minds to!

Job searching is tough. Most job searchers experience some rejection.

But, you have to push through and take the time to ask yourself a few questions when you don't experience success. Was I prepared? Was this the right job for me? What could I have done better? What was my energy level when engaging with this employer compared to other employers?  Or in other words, you push through.