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Working with the Career Development Centre

Partnering with students and employers to move from here to there.

The global team at the INSEAD Career Development Centre (CDC) is committed to helping MBA students find their true career passions or maximise their pre-determined goals.

The CDC team includes personal career coaches, employer engagement specialists, and operations team members. Together they deliver thousands of individual sessions and workshops, host hundreds of companies on campus and co-organise with career clubs nearly 40 treks in various locations throughout the year. The CDC partners with students in their career searches, offering support from self-assessment to relationship building with employers.

Our Mission is Simple:

Partnering with students and employers to move from here to there.

We follow a unique approach working with students known as The Personalised Career Model: Four Cs

Four Cs is a framework that informs all CDC interactions with students to ensure that engagement is on an individual level encouraging information gathering and testing to find the right industry, function and company culture fit.

CDC Framework

Students are able to customise their career development experience with our distinctive approaches prior, during, and after their arrival on campus:


Prior to their arrival, students will have an opportunity to engage with CDC through a series of live webinars covering CDC basics, CV and Cover Letter creation, and Summer Experience. These webinars best position students to arrive at INSEAD ready to engage with CDC and take ownership of the world of opportunities that INSEAD provides.

Careers Core

During Period 1 and Period 2, CDC offers six core courses, eight industry overviews, and a series of Practice & Perfect sessions to equip students with the skills and competencies to find their first post-MBA job, capitalise on their current employment status, and manage their long-term career.

Careers Electives

Over the remaining three periods, CDC offers a variety of career electives covering a range of subjects. Students have the freedom and flexibility to pick and choose what is most relevant to their career paths and job search focuses.