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Career Development Centre Message

Once more, and during the new reality that 2020 brought us, INSEAD Talent has proved able to embrace the transformational experience of the INSEAD MBA Programme to its maximum. As true lifelong learners, students have again demonstrated a solid ability to adapt and contribute to the ongoing changes accelerated on many fronts by the current crisis. They have learned to navigate the uncertain job market and to deal with unpredictable circumstances. The Career Development Centre (CDC), together with the INSEAD Student Life team and the students themselves, have been fortunate to rely on, and benefit from, an outstanding and highly engaged Alumni community, which offered students hundreds of projects and job opportunities. The projects were a unique chance for our students to continue to hone the key skills and attitudes now required for all leaders to conduct business and organizational transformations in the most ethical, socially and environmentally responsible way.

In 2019, we achieved a record number of 92% of students with offers within 3 months of graduation, joining 322 organisations. We can justifiably be proud of our students in 2020, with 89% of them reporting having received at least one job offer three months after graduation, and joining 300 companies. The new record for 2020 is an amazing number of 954 unique companies that our students have been formally exposed to throughout the year (+26% compared to 2019). As well as students leveraging their networks, the Career Educators and Connectors within the CDC team successfully maintained, and even increased in some areas, the engagement of recruiting partners throughout the year. The global Events team of the CDC united during this disruptive time to successfully convert all the educational and recruitment activities into virtual formats. This allowed students to continue to connect with business experts and hiring managers from all over the world, through more than 400 online sessions over the year.



INSEAD students have impressed us all in surpassing themselves and articulating their value proposition to the organisations they targeted. We saw an increase of students joining the Financial Services sector (+9,5%) and the Technology sector (+30%), which reflects the areas that showed accelerated change or growth during the COVID-19 crisis, and in some countries in particular (with +75% in Germany, and 43% of all students working there having joined a Tech venture or company). These changes, combined with the drop of the exchange rates in some countries, resulted in a very slight decrease of 0.69% for the overall median salaries. Compared to 2019 statistics, salaries in the consulting sector remained stable, decreased in the Financial Services sector (-9%), and increased in Corporate Sectors and Technology/Media/Telecommunication sector (respectively +3.4% and +2.4%).

The INSEAD community continues to offer the best partnership ever to empower and support students throughout the career journey and beyond. We are committed to being the catalyst they need to acquire life skills for long-term career management, and the compass for remaining true to themselves and following their north star. In March 2021, INSEAD launched iLink a unique peer-to-peer advising, and mentoring platform dedicated to supporting INSEAD students and alumni. It is just one further example of our community coming together to strengthen each other during this critical time.

Meaningful connections. Future of work. New opportunities!

INSEAD Career Development Centre