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Director's Message

INSEAD students engage with a broad and diverse learning community committed to educating and connecting, which includes the Career Development Centre. This is what makes the career path directory of our recent graduates equally broad and diverse in terms of the functions, sectors and locations chosen by the students on graduation.

In 2019, we have again achieved a record number of 92% of students with offers within 3 months of graduation, joining a total of 322 organisations. Such a portfolio of opportunities takes source in the career education and career coaching programme that aims to equip students with the skills needed to own their career development and therefore succeed in today’s competitive job market. The whole INSEAD experience transforms our students into lifelong learners and develops in them versatility, agility, resilience and social intelligence. These skills are necessary to tackle any changes and make any decisions in the most ethical and socially conscious way. We believe this is greatly appreciated by recruiters.

These good results would certainly not be possible without a global employer engagement team, which continues to develop relationships with organisations and alumni worldwide. Given the increasing student interest in technology-related businesses and the ever-changing job market, we offer immersive experiences and connections with alumni and recruiting partners on and off campus throughout the programme.

Most of our treks and company visits (45+ a year) allowed students to experience the transformations brought by technology in many international and local markets. Strengthening our presence in multiple employment destinations over the years is successfully enhancing the potential of opportunities for our students: an example with The Netherlands which saw an increase of 69% of students accepting a job there.

We continued our engagement on the start-up front to match the increasing appetite from students to work for fast growing organisations and market disrupters: 31% of students joined a start-up or scale-up in the Tech sector (compared to 22% in 2018). The same is true for the Summer Experience, with 77% of students deciding to do an internship or participate in the Summer Start-up Tours (67% in 2018), with 46% working for a start-up (41% in 2018). In 2019, the Summer Start-up Tour expanded across regions as well as business areas, involving more for-profit-with-purpose organisations, a positive response to INSEAD’s Sustainable Development Goals campaign.

We look forward to remaining close to our community of connectors and recruiting partners that includes our young alumni, and we thank you all for your continuous support.

Agnès Cosnier-Loigerot
Global Director,
Career Development Centre