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Compensation Trends by Sectors
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Corporate Sectors Financial Services Management Consulting Technology, Media & Telecommunications


Job Location

Post-graduation, our graduates have found positions in 57 countries all over the world.

Compensation Trends by Country/Region
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Northern / Western Europe36%
Asia Pacific22%
Africa / Middle East18%
Southern Europe9%
North America9%
South America5%
Eastern Europe2%

Percentage of INSEAD MBA Graduates Who Accepted Jobs in the Region.

Asia PacificAfrica / Middle EastSouth AmericaNorth AmericaNorthern / Western EuropeSouthern EuropeEastern EuropeNorth AmericaSouth AmericaAfrica / Middle EastAsia PacificEastern EuropeSouthern EuropeNorthern / Western Europe

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Leadership Development Programme

4% of INSEAD graduates were recruited into company leadership programmes. These programmes provide graduates with in-depth experiences in the company with ongoing mentorship and targeted training across a range of business areas.

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Organisations Who Hired Graduates for Leadership Development Programmes