Entrepreneurship 3% of our 2023 graduates are entrepreneurs.

The mission of the Rudolf and Valeria Maag INSEAD Centre for Entrepreneurship (ICE) is to accelerate the entrepreneurial ambitions of INSEAD students.

We do this by providing inspiration, driving team formation, and facilitating venture development through activities like Start-up Bootcamp, mentorship opportunities like Entrepreneurs in Residence, and the INSEAD Venture Competition.

Aspiring entrepreneurs can also participate in our dynamic entrepreneurship eco-system by connecting with and learning from INSEAD alumni who have founded successful start-ups.

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By Type of Company Created

Entrepreneurs DetailCount
Creating a Startup 13
Acquiring a Company 6
Returning to my own Venture 3
  • Creating a Startup59%
  • Acquiring a Company27%
  • Returning to my own Venture14%

By Region

Western Europe 13
Asia Pacific 6
Africa / Middle East 2
North America 1
South America 1
Eastern Europe 1
  • Western Europe54%
  • Asia Pacific25%
  • Africa / Middle East8%
  • North America4%
  • South America4%
  • Eastern Europe4%

By Sector

Energy 4 Corporate Sectors
Fintech 3 Technology Media and Telecommunications
Management Consulting 3 Management Consulting
Private Equity / Venture Capital 2 Financial Services
Education 2 Corporate Sectors
Retail Consumer and Luxury Goods 2 Corporate Sectors
Healthcare 2 Corporate Sectors
E-commerce / Internet 1 Technology Media and Telecommunications
Primary Industries 1 Corporate Sectors
Real Estate 1 Financial Services
Information Technology / Telecommunications 1 Technology Media and Telecommunications
Travel and Hospitality 1 Corporate Sectors
Corporate Services 1 Corporate Sectors
  • Corporate Sectors
  • Energy17%
  • Education8%
  • Retail Consumer and Luxury Goods8%
  • Healthcare8%
  • Primary Industries4%
  • Travel and Hospitality4%
  • Corporate Services4%
  • Technology Media and Telecommunications
  • Fintech13%
  • E-commerce / Internet4%
  • Information Technology / Telecommunications4%
  • Management Consulting13%
  • Financial Services
  • Private Equity / Venture Capital8%
  • Real Estate4%