Pursuing an EMBA has added a new dimension to my professional profile and expertise in healthcare innovation.
Agata Blasiak

Agata Blasiak

GEMBA Agata Blasiak
Nationality/Passport: Polish Year of graduation: 2024 Current Role: Head of Digital Health Innovation at The Institute for Digital Medicine (WisDM), National University of Singapore

Fun fact about yourself?

I picked up Gaelic football (GAA) - an Irish team-based sport - during my PhD in Dublin. Being a foreigner playing GAA turned into an opportunity to captain the university international team, travel to Malaysia and play at the Asian Gaelic Games (AGG). We lost badly. Little did I know that a few years later I would be lifting the AGG's trophy with the Singapore GAA team!

What led you to decide to pursue an EMBA, and why did you choose INSEAD in particular?

I first thought of pursuing an EMBA to strengthen my understanding of the financial aspect of the growing digital health industry.

My co-authoring of the book "Medicine without Meds," which delves into digital therapeutics, solidified my desire for an EMBA. The book, which is set to launch in Q4 2023, involved close collaboration and/or interviews with over 100 individuals from the digital therapeutics ecosystem, further emphasising to me the crucial role of business in innovation.

I chose INSEAD for its strong Asia-Europe connections, supportive community, and focus on leadership development.

Could you describe your experience so far? The classes, the curriculum, your fellow participants, the professors?

The INSEAD GEMBA exceeded my expectations. On top of delivering a top-notch curriculum I was pleasantly surprised by the close bonds I formed with classmates and the self-reflection journey facilitated by the Leadership Development Programme.

As someone with academic training, I also need to note that the professors at INSEAD are exceptional in their lecture delivery – it is a pleasure to attend their classes (despite the assignments and exams that come with them).

Has the EMBA helped you in your career so far?  

Pursuing an EMBA has added a new dimension to my professional profile and expertise in healthcare innovation.

This has resulted in a boost in both my own confidence and the external perception of me as a subject matter expert. It has also opened new career opportunities that may not have been readily available otherwise.

Could you tell us more about the Leadership Development Programme experience?

The Leadership Development Programme is demanding work that requires vulnerability and dedication. However, the payoff is substantial. It leads to a deeper understanding of oneself, the choices one makes, and how to steer one's career and become a better leader. You are not alone on this journey. The programme provides frameworks, executive coaches, and peer-coaching sessions to ensure that you stay on track.

What advice would you give to someone who might be interested in pursuing an INSEAD Masters programme?

Engage with the INSEAD outreach managers! They are fantastic at providing practical insights into the programme and the application process. I also found it highly beneficial to talk with INSEAD alumni and learn about their experiences with the programme and what they gained from it.