You get the chance to rewire your old concepts and build new ones by stretching your boundaries at the same time.
Asad Khad

Asad Khan

GEMBA Asad Khan
Nationality/Passport: Pakistani Year of graduation: 2024 Current Role: Head of Data Analytics and AI, Telenor Sweden

Fun fact about yourself?

Coming from Asia and trying to get a dip in a frozen lake in the middle of the Swedish winter - not what I would recommend but it can be done! 

What led you to decide to pursue an EMBA, and why did you choose INSEAD in particular? 

Going back to school with a full-time job, sacrificing time away from family and friends, growing financial burdens, and economic doom and gloom on the international scene - I have to confess that these are all questions that crossed my mind more than once before I decided to pursue the GEMBA at INSEAD.

However, there was something that was almost as real and like an intrinsic pull that came from within, that it's now or never. My doubts had to be conquered and I had to find the strength to push that 'Apply Now' button, which was only possible with the help of my leaders, mentors, friends and most of all family support. It was the personal challenge that led me to decide and go for it. Soon after you realise that this is the way you want to go, why choose INSEAD?

For me, the answer was keeping in mind two aspects: (1) You are already scared to be on this journey for the next 14 months so you need an institute with a reputation that is amongst the top business schools in the world and no doubt INSEAD is right up there (2) its brand name which is equally well-known in Europe but also in Asia, the network of professionals and strong diversity in the class makes it stand out against other business schools.

For me, it was also a practical reason to commute within a short flight from Sweden to INSEAD which made it an obvious choice.  

Could you describe your experience so far? The classes, the curriculum, your fellow participants, the professors?

Well, it's a rollercoaster ride, intense but at the same time joyful.

Moments that you spend in class debates, newly born friendships, and after-class events all make the journey worthwhile. The diversity is great both in ideas and people.

You get the chance to rewire your old concepts and build new ones by stretching your boundaries at the same time. The professors are top-notch and are always doing balancing acts to drive class discussions in the right direction and listen to rich personal industry experiences from the students. After all, it's not easy to listen to 50+ strong and experienced professionals from different countries and backgrounds. 

Has the EMBA helped you in your career so far? 

It has!!! The programme continues to improve one's thought process every day with an overall broadened approach to life. The fresh ideas and concepts make you feel enlightened and help progress you in new directions.

The learning is lifelong and with every passing module, I get fresh perspectives on how to embed these learnings in daily work routines.

Could you tell us more about the Leadership Development Programme experience?

WOW!! It is intense and mind-opening.

The way how your feedback from many of your connections is structured in well-curated dialogues and group coaching sessions is fundamental to the programme's success.

All coaches are experts and guide you in a way as if you have known them for ages. The best way to discover yourself is to know one's boundaries and this programme well establishes that fact in the Leadership Development Programme.  

What advice would you give to someone who might be interested in pursuing an INSEAD Masters programme?

Start early and prepare well as magic happens when preparation meets reality, some ruthless prioritisation is needed to make the best of it.