The Career Development support office helped me understand how my profile would best match my future career, really getting to understand my personality and interests.
Pauline Eichaker

Pauline Eichaker

Nationality/Passport: French Year of graduation: 2021 Current Role: Analyst at Elixirr

Can you tell us a little about yourself, where you come from and your professional career path so far?

I hold dual citizenship, French and American, and was raised in the US, France and Singapore.

In 2021, I completed my undergraduate degree in Anthropology at Durham University followed by joining the pioneer Master In Management (MIM) class at INSEAD.

After graduating from INSEAD, I chose a career in strategic consulting, joining the San Francisco office of Elixirr, a London-based firm. For the past year I have been working on various projects from operational improvement to building a digital strategy for clients.

What was your experience on the MIM programme like for you?

It was fantastic! Being taught by leading professors on topics from macroeconomics to strategic thinking was challenging and rewarding.

Our class is best described as a melting pot of nationalities, professional backgrounds, and interests. I met incredible people with whom I remain very close till today.

Completing the MIM in the middle of the pandemic had its ups and downs. What could have been a low point being a two-week quarantine in a hotel in Singapore, MIM’21 made the most of it. For example, we organised daily zoom yoga and workouts, in our respective rooms.

You graduated from the programme in 2021. What have you been up to since then?

After completing the MIM programme in Singapore, I moved to San Francisco in September to begin my career in strategic consulting at Elixirr. In November, I ran my first half-marathon, which took me across the Golden Gate Bridge!

I have spent the year travelling between Elixirr’s New York, London and San Francisco offices and client meetings in Texas. A unique opportunity to lead the USA Young Alumni committee has enabled me to meet alumni with whom I otherwise would not have had the occasion to cross paths with.

From my personal experience, involvement in the alumni community has been enriching, rewarding and well worth the effort.

Did INSEAD Career Development support you in your post-graduation job search efforts?

I received my offer from Elixirr prior to graduating from INSEAD with the helpful support of the Career Development office.

I took full advantage of their resources during my entire Masters and remain in contact with my career coach till today.

I entered the MIM not knowing what I would do the in the future. Four months in, I had a clear idea of what I would do post-MIM. The Career Development support office helped me understand how my profile would best match my future career, really getting to understand my personality and interests.

How have you applied the learning and skills you gained during the MIM to your current role?  

Daily, I use the communication and presentation skills I developed while at INSEAD to help lead meaningful conversations at work both with my team and our clients, earning their trust.

The MIM has transformed me into a conceptual thinker who is able to take a client’s idea and break down the problem to find a solution.

Lastly, the MIM has helped me to enter the workplace with an analytical mindset through the countless tasks that required logical reasoning and analysis, either individually or in teams.

Would you have any advice to incoming students of the MIM programme as to how INSEAD might help in their search for employment?

This might not be the most original advice but definitely the most valuable: leverage the INSEAD network. It is your best asset to finding your well-deserved and future dream job!