If you are curious to find out, whether you can go from “successful to significant” you are at the right place. Stay curious!
Susann Bhatti

Susann Bhatti

Nationality/Passport: German Year of graduation: 2023 Current Role: Director, Chief of Staff to the COO of Credit Suisse (Schweiz) AG

So, what made you decide to take on the EMC programme at INSEAD?

Three main reasons made me decide on taking the journey with INSEAD’s EMC programme. First, refreshing my academic foundation in areas that I am passionate about, for example change, coaching and organisational development. Second, strengthening my network of professionals and friends externally from the place I work and internationally. Third, broadening my horizons to trigger a potential next career step, preferably within my organisation.

Has the programme met or exceeded your expectations?

As of today, about two modules into my journey, I am extremely excited about the learnings and interactions with fellow participants and programme directors. There is a huge wealth of new readings, books and experimental learning that exceed my initial expectations.

Already at this early stage I sense a deep connectivity with my student fellows and a safe place to try new things and develop myself.

Do share with us your thoughts on the quality of the professors, the curriculum, and your classroom experiences so far.

Prof. Erik van de Loo and Prof. Michael Shiel are extremely passionate and knowledgeable in the fields of organisational behavior, leadership, psychology, and psychoanalysis. They seamlessly interact with our class, frequently stating very relevant practical examples and insightful stories, that “stick”.

Our classroom experience at INSEAD campus has been surprisingly effective and the deep connect and hybrid learning between “roomies” and “zoomies” has been a truly rewarding experience.

Do you foresee the EMC changing your perspectives or outlook towards life?

Absolutely, yes. I have unexpectedly embarked on a journey into “self” and into looking at my “systems” from very different angles, be it in my personal context or in my organisation. There is a huge sense of self-awareness and the realisation that much more is to be discovered in my unconscious. I look at my world differently already now and am curious about discovering much more about the things, that I am currently not enough aware of. The way I interact is also changing, leading to great interactions, dialogues, and first reactions within my “boundaries”.

What advice would you give to potential EMC participants?

The EMC journey is a very special place to be. If you are curious to find out, whether you can go from “successful to significant”, as Erik and Michael put it during their welcoming note, you are at the right place. Stay curious!