In this video, INSEAD Professor Maria Guadalupe brings forward a case study to her class: Volkswagen Brazil was ending an alliance with Ford and needed to figure out how to produce automobiles in the country. Which solution would they go for given two proposals?

Two MBA students talk about their experiences of taking this course at INSEAD, highlighting the importance of learning strategy by capitalising on the collective intellect and diverse insights of the class.

Course description for the MBA elective "Strategy, Structure & Incentives":

A skilled architect can look at a building’s blueprint and know instantly whether the building will stand or collapse. A skilled manager must be able to look at a company’s “blueprint” – its organisational structure and incentive systems – and know instantly whether the company will succeed or struggle in executing its strategy. In this course, you will gain a framework and tools for rapidly diagnosing an organisation’s key strengths and vulnerabilities, based on three key questions. First, strategy – what business should we be in? Second, structure – who should make key decisions? And third, incentives – how should we measure and reward performance?


Maria Guadalupe, Associate Professor of Economics and Political Science, Academic Director of the INSEAD Randomized Control Trials (RCT) Lab

Kate Tsunoda, MBA '17J

Andre Galha Tibyrica, MBA '17J

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