It's hard to find an industry that isn't shaped by technology. But if you want to drive the direction of technology or define the way your organisation is affected by it, you'll need a set of analytical tools to understand the challenges. You'll also need to learn frameworks for developing a strategy.

Taught by Nathan Furr, Assistant Professor of Strategy at INSEAD, Technology and Innovation Strategy is an MBA elective where you'll be exposed to different teaching techniques to enhance your learning experience. What's more, you'll be discussing and interacting with the latest technologies to see how the lessons are applied in the real world.

Course description for the MBA elective "Technology and Innovation Strategy":

Technology change and innovation affect every domain of business, changing the face of industry at an accelerating pace. Yet few accurately understand these patterns, leading to failure that undermines companies, projects, and careers. In this elective we explore the fundamental questions of technology and innovation in order to provide students the foundations to think and speak intelligently in a changing technology environment.

In the class we attempt to explore the puzzles of innovation, such as why great companies fail, when customers reject new innovations, why inventors create but don’t capture value, how platforms and ecosystems change the nature of competition, and other topics related to how technology changes the world.


Nathan Furr, Assistant Professor of Strategy, INSEAD

Giuliano Baptistella, MBA '17J

Hila Shabtai, MBA '17J

Hassan Eldesouky, MBA '17J

Cecilia Barella, MBA '17J

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