The Annals of Psychodynamic-Systemic Practitioner Research is a collection of works written by INSEAD Executive Master in Change (EMC) students for their final master’s theses. These exploratory studies seek to bridge the discourse between the academic and business worlds by addressing selected organisational challenges and linking them to strong theoretical foundations with pragmatic and actionable practitioner insights.      

The quality of the works presented here strongly demonstrate the academic rigour, but also the many possible approaches and applications of the EMC curriculum.

Over the span of the 18-month programme, faculty and participants co-create a supportive environment in which participants can test different ways of learning and applying their knowledge. They write continuously, beginning with reflection papers and moving on to case papers in which they reflect on the issues they face in their respective context. They write practicum papers using various methods to observe and act in their world: participant observation, organisational ethnography, and action research.

The EMC Master theses are a tangible result of this journey.

The insights gained inspire a renewed energy to understand ourselves and others at a fundamental level – and to use that knowledge to create more effective organisations.

EMCCC Annals vol. 2

Topics covered in Volume 2 - The 7 Labours of HR Professionals:

  • Recruitment
  • Talent Management
  • Career Decisions
  • Developing & Supporting Leaders
  • The Emotional Labour of Downsizing
  • Executive Stress & Organisational Anxiety
  • Ensuring Organisational Health

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EMCCC Annals vol. 1

Topics covered in Volume 1 - Journeys Through the Organisational Labyrinth:

  • Transitions from Corporate to Independent Careers
  • Imposter Phenomenon During Professional Transitions
  • The Role of Self-talk in Transitions
  • Identity Challenges of Women Leaders
  • Fair Process and Transgender Transition in the Workplace
  • Out of the Closet, into the Boardroom
  • From Individual Career Dilemma to a Family’s Adaptive Challenge

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