"The Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) consisting of Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates represents some of the fastest-growing economies in the world", writes Katy Montgomery, INSEAD Associate Dean of Degree Programmes. 

"To support further growth, promote safe and healthy communities, and increase awareness of the region a number of these governments have created ambitious strategic plans to influence and execute major change", such as Saudi Vision 2030 and many other transformation projects.

"In order to be successful, leaders will need to understand themselves as an instrument of change and the role of emotions in change management." 

That’s where a programme like the INSEAD Executive Master in Change (EMC) comes in.

A unique programme on change management

The INSEAD EMC is a rigorous part-time Master's programme uniquely positioned to respond to today's change and transformation challenges in the GCC region. It takes you deep into the basic drivers of human behaviour and the hidden dynamics of organisations.

With its focus on the "human side of change", you get to gain skills that go beyond mainstream approaches to change management.

In the process, you will understand yourself as an instrument of change and learn how to inspire and empower others to champion change. You will emerge with a significantly improved self-awareness and broadened behavioural repertoire, as well as immediately actionable tools and skills to lead business change. 

Taught at INSEAD, a highly ranked business school, it is an ideal professional development pathway for experienced executives, managers and leaders transforming organisations, industry experts and HR professionals.

How you benefit

  • Become a better leader in your organisation
  • Understand and navigate “resistance” to change
  • Increase organisational and strategic agility and realisation of business goals in today’s uncertain times
  • Create effective coaching and mentoring programmes, and spark cultural renewal
  • Join INSEAD’s international network of over 65,000 influential alumni across 180 countries with 160+ nationalities

How your company benefits

  • Gain new insights into the people issues that affect business performance
  • Create a better fit between people, the organisation and corporate goals, making the organisation a more productive and fulfilling place to work for
  • Acquire greater consulting and coaching expertise

Participant profile

  • Executives in general management and industry experts from a wide range of professional sectors
  • Coaches and consultants in both small boutique-type structures and global consulting firms
  • Senior HR professionals in regional and global corporations

Each class consists of experienced professionals from diverse industries and nationalities. 

Learn more about the EMC curriculum here or browse below to discover the programme through the voices of some of our alumni from the GCC region. 

Discover participant testimonials from the GCC section

Sami Al Solamy

"The EMC has provided me with so-called ‘night vision’, a tool we have learnt that enables us to look beyond what things look like on the surface level."

Sami Al Solamy, EMC'22
Chief Executive Officer, Health Academy at Saudi Commission for Health Specialties (SCFHS) & Assistant Deputy Minister for Human Resource Development at MOH


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Noya Ayaso Duwaji

"I hope to become an instrument of positive influence and change in my community and within the organisations I am affiliated with."

Noha Ayaso Duwaji, EMC'23
Management Consultant


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Tareq Alangari

"The tools that we are learning are of a great help to any CEO, board member, middle manager and for any person who is keen to understand people better and make this world slightly better."

Tareq Alangari, EMC'24
CEO, Managing Director and Board Member


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Marwan Al Jahani

"This programme will open up many questions for you. It will change perspectives, and triggers a review of your belief system."

Marwan Al Jahani, EMC'24
CEO at Transform (consultancy company)


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