Why I Am Choosing to Do an Executive MBA This Year

We are facing unprecedented times, and with this unique situation we must really think outside of the box to come up with original solutions.

That is why I think studying an Executive MBA now is actually the best time to do so.

Companies are either laying off many employees or changing the way they operate in order to adapt to this change, so I assume that when this pandemic stops, many of these companies will be more open to creative ideas on how to grow the business while leaving behind all the inefficiencies they had.

If I pursued the EMBA once the crisis was over, I would already be too late, that is why I chose to study now so that I can be a graduate once these changes are required.

The INSEAD team has been great throughout the whole application process. Between phone calls, WhatsApp and Zoom video calls, the communication has been great! I really liked how the admissions process adapted to this change while holding on to their high standards and without becoming less demanding. This truly gave me confidence that I made the right choice.

So what am I most looking forward to about doing the EMBA?

I am currently working in an oil and gas company, in an industry that is affected in cyclical terms. I want to help the company adapt to this, and to think of ideas on how to become stronger and better.

I believe that an EMBA will give me new skills and a whole new perspective.

Not only because of the courses I will take, but also because of my peers who will have a lot of experience in diverse markets. Besides from this, I feel the EMBA will help me achieve the career development I need in order to have my voice heard higher up in the organisation.

In short, I think that the COVID-19 pandemic has changed the rules of the game.

Right now, no one has experience to manage these new situations. But as a team, we will be able to tackle problems we are currently facing and it will be great to brainstorm with so many experienced people. Analysing markets and trends really motivates me and I think doing this with the INSEAD team will be a good learning experience for me as well.