Biases permeate our society, we hold biases against ourselves and others. As we mark International Women’s Day in 2022, we spoke to a group of INSEAD alumnae to learn more about their journey to break free from stereotypes and discrimination. 

With this edition of Limitless, we hope to start conversations around the personal, societal, and cultural belief systems successful women have confronted and overcome. Their stories are sources of nourishment and courage, and inspire us to build a world that is diverse, equitable, and inclusive. 

Join them to create positive change in the world.

Belonging and Self-Discovery

Muriel Jacques
Master in Management 2021

“Being limitless means to not let social constructs decide what you can achieve,” says Muriel who grew up in Martinique, and studied in France, Korea and Singapore. 

One of the things she enjoys most about living and working abroad is that people can get to know her as an individual without any preconceived ideas.

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Valuing Women in the Workplace

Linda Guemne Jouonang
MBA 2017

Linda believes that a strong support system is critical for women to succeed in their careers.

"You need people who are willing to bet on your talent, but also to help you juggle work and time with your family," she says.  

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Embracing Female Confidence

Kritika Kiran Singh
Executive Master in Finance 2019

Kritika credits her upbringing for being determined to succeed in the banking industry.

However, the notion of 'being able to do it all' is too simplistic for her. "You can do anything, but it will come at the cost of something", she says.

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Change is Constant

Ouiza Bechar 
Executive MBA 2014

“Change is absolutely constant and a natural part of the cycle of our life,” says Ouiza. 

To her, being limitless means to not be afraid of acknowledging gaps and learning new things.

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Breaking through the Barriers of Gender Labels

Lynette Tan
Tsinghua-INSEAD Executive MBA 2021

Lynette built her career in the deep technology and space sector. Although gender barriers can appear to be daunting in this industry, she always felt encouraged to pursue her dreams. 

"In turn, I make a conscious choice as much as possible to champion to someone else," she says. 

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Vulnerability is a Strength

Jane Bertch
Executive Master in Change 2019

“Accept yourself as you are,” says Jane who founded her own company in the middle of her professional career. ​​​

"Contrary of what you might believe, you can actually build confidence in others when you are strong enough to admit that you do not have all the answers," she says.

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