Perceptions of leadership have long been rooted in public personas and an inadequate understanding of strength and confidence.

In this series, senior executives open up about some trials and tribulations they have faced, and how these experiences shaped them as individuals and business leaders today.

Their stories are sources of nourishment and courage, and inspire us to build supportive communities that allow leaders to embrace their vulnerability and develop it as a source of strength.

Fast Failing Forward

Lionel Sinai-Sinelnikoff
Executive MBA 2015

As a passionate and ambitious entrepreneur, Lionel has developed his own philosophy on how to deal with the long days, sleepless nights and emotional rollercoaster that come with running one's own business. 

In this interview, he shares some moments of his entrepreneurial journey and what helped him to overcome adversity.

Finding Your Superpower

Yulia Pellegrin
Organisational Development Consultant
Executive Master in Change 2019

Yulia is a successful human resources professional with a keen interest in helping others discover their true potential.

In this interview, she shares a moment in her career where she had to grapple with feelings of self-doubt. Yulia believes that sharing and acknowledging one's emotions will not make you weaker, but stronger. "Resilience starts from acknowledgement", she says, "and that is how you find the power within."

What's in a Name?

Antonio Usama De Lorenzo
Venture Strategist
Executive MBA 2015

"The first thing that people get about you is your name. It screams your identity," says Antonio, a venture strategist with a strong background in fintech.

In this video, he shares his journey of navigating cultures, perceptions and sensitivities in both personal and professional settings. 

Raising Your Hand

Rohit Kumar
Human Resources Director
Executive Master in Change 2016

"When I was younger, I thought that bravery meant the ability to suppress my emotions", says Rohit. "​​​​​​But over time, I have realised that bravery lies in the ability to express those feelings and to not be afraid to ask for help."

Rohit shares a high-stakes moment in his career where he needed to admit a mistake, along with the lessons learnt. 

Self, Seasons and the Silent Burdens

Sharon Ow
Leadership Development Director
Executive Master in Change 2018

Sharon wears many hats - devoted mother, active community contributor and dedicated professional with a mission to bring more humanity into workplaces.

In this interview, she advocates for the importance of embracing our full selves while allowing growth in each season of life. 

Leading with Culture Sensitivity

Sten Estrup
Senior Business Executive
Executive Master in Change 2018

Sten is a senior business leader who has held several executive and board roles. Over the course of his career, he has learnt that nurturing trust in organisations is crucial to success, but it must also be done in a culturally sensitive way.

In this video, he shares his experience of leading companies in Latin America vs. Northern Europe. 


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