If you're a mother-to-be considering pursuing an MBA, or if you're already in the midst of your MBA programme and expecting a baby, today's episode is for you.

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Our guest for this episode is Kemi Ogunlesi from the MBA'21D cohort, and she shared her experience of getting pregnant with her second child during the course of her INSEAD MBA.

Kemi gives some tips on how to manage both pregnancy and an MBA programme successfully. Being a student while expecting a newborn can be challenging, but as Kemi shares it's definitely doable with the right planning and support system in place.

Our Guest Today 

Kemi Ogunlesi MBA 21'D

Kemi is an Operations Management professional with a background in Engineering and eight years of experience delivering complex technical projects in the offshore drilling industry to drive peak operational performance.


1:40: Career Background, and why choose an INSEAD MBA? 

2:50: What were your concerns about the experience (if any) and what information did you look for as a student expecting a baby? 

6:10: Did you have to make any special requests from the Programme Management team? What kind of requests were they, and who in admin did you have to contact? 

8:28: Did you leverage the MBA partner community? 

10:15: How did you juggle your time with studies and other commitments? 

12:40: Was the campus child-friendly?  

14:00: Tell us about some of the practicalities like language barriers and medical appointments. How did you manage these and what is crucial for any future expecting student to take into account? 

16:50: How did you manage the student life aspect of the MBA Programme, which we know can be quite active? Were you involved in club activities or other student led initiatives?  

20:15: Any takeaways or advice for future students/partners that may face the same experience? 

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