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In this episode, we'll talk with Jay Kenton (Associate Director of Student Life & Experience (Degree Programmes) and Saraphine Pang (MBA'24J) about their experiences of student life on INSEAD's Asia campus.

Expect to learn about the career perks of living in Singapore, common misconceptions, cost and accommodation, student life on campus, and more. Head to to learn more about our MBA programme!

Enjoy the show!


Our Guests Today:

Saraphine Pang

Saraphine Pang (MBA'24J) is a skilled strategic consultant with expert knowledge in international business development and strategic marketing initiatives. With a career spanning the dynamic gaming industry landscape, Saraphine has honed her skills across multiple markets, including the United States, Singapore, South Korea, and Thailand. Her extensive experience underscores a deep understanding of global business dynamics and strategic decision-making, positioning her as a versatile and valuable asset in her field.

Jay Kenton

As the Associate Director of Student Life for Degree Programmes at INSEAD, Jay Kenton is a catalyst for student engagement and community building, revolutionising the educational experience beyond conventional boundaries. Jay orchestrates opportunities for hundreds of students from varied backgrounds to interconnect and exchange ideas poised to shape society's future. His impact reverberates across several institutions, where he has pioneered innovative initiatives encompassing social and creative development programmes, student wellness initiatives, and strategic enrolment planning.



1:27 - About our guests
3:37 - How Jay feels about Singapore
3:50 - What inspired Saraphine to pursue her MBA
4:41 - What inspired Saraphine to pursue her MBA in Singapore
5:35 - Opportunities in Asia
6:42 - What’s her experience with the INSEAD MBA
8:35 - Misconceptions about Singapore
10:01 - Cost of living in Singapore
12:28 - MBA Career Treks
14:30 - Benefits of being in INSEAD
15:58 - What does student life do at INSEAD?
19:08 - Student clubs at INSEAD
23:20 - Student life advice to students

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