Welcome to another episode of "Unlocking Career Opportunities with INSEAD Employer Engagement." Join us as we uncover more about the Career Development Centre's (CDC) Employer Engagement teams with the team Global Directors Zeynep Flouret and Henrik Jonson.

We discuss the team's unique advantages including connecting students with local champions and global companies. Discover how the employee engagement team facilitates student-professional networking and the diverse types of engagements available with companies.

Furthermore, we'll delve into the flexibility and timelines for joining INSEAD's clubs and the invaluable resource of its extensive alumni network

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Our Guests

Zeynep Flouret
Zeynep is a former M&A and project finance lawyer, certified career coach, financial services recruitment specialist, and diversity and inclusion champion. Zeynep is passionate about leadership development, talent development, executive coaching, interview preparation, cross-cultural awareness training, and recruitment of future leaders.

Henrik Jonson
Henrik is a business development strategist with 15 years of experience expanding territories and building client relationships across a variety of industries. Henrik has an extensive understanding of education management and business environment which has translated directly into new and add-­on business.

Content Covered

  1. What is the purpose of the employer engagement team?
  2. We are going to dive into the sector advisors in the next episodes. Can you describe the structure of the team? 
  3. How does the CDC help students network and connect with professionals in their desired industries?
  4. What are the most effective ways to stay informed about the evolving needs and expectations of employers, and how can individuals proactively develop the skills and qualities that are in high demand?

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