Partners play a crucial role in the MBA experience, providing support, encouragement, and a listening ear throughout the intense and challenging programme. They are often the unsung heroes behind the success of MBA students, offering a sense of stability and perspective during a time of significant personal and professional growth.

From relocating to a new country to managing a household, partners have to navigate a unique set of challenges while supporting their significant other in pursuit of their academic and career goals.

In this context, understanding the partner experience and providing support to partners is essential for the INSEAD MBA to cultivate a supportive and inclusive community.

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This episode discusses the experiences of a partner at INSEAD, a business school with campuses in Europe and Asia.

Our guest Helen Willis shares her excitement about her partner's acceptance to INSEAD, and discusses her own decision to join him in Singapore. Helen provides advice for partners who are working remotely, including the importance of having a purpose and setting aside sacred time. The episode also highlights the support provided by INSEAD to partners, the responsibilities of a partner representative and the initiatives they organise. Helen also shares her favourite memories at INSEAD.

Our guests: 

Dr. Helen Willis (Cognitive neuroscientist and an MBA'23J Partner) 

Our hosts: 

Angela Rachel (Student Life Officer, INSEAD Degree Programmes) 

Eva Laporte (Student Life Officer, INSEAD Degree Programmes) 


01:15 - About the guest and her background 

01:45 - How did you feel about your student partner's acceptance to INSEAD?

02:35 - Decision to accompany student partner to INSEAD 

04:13 - The INSEAD Partner experience

05:30 - How INSEAD fosters the community spirit among partners 

07:00 - Advice for Partners who may be juggling work

10:22 - INSEAD resources that are useful for personal and professional development 

11:55 - Advice for partners to maximise their time inside and outside of INSEAD

13:40 - Opportunities and responsibilities of a Partner representative

16:20 - Favourite memory at INSEAD

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