INSEAD is one of the world's top business schools, known for its global reach, the diversity of its student body, and rigorous academic programmes. And when it comes to preparing students for a career in consulting, INSEAD is second to none.

From its strong connections with top consulting firms to its innovative courses and hands-on projects, INSEAD provides students with a comprehensive education that gives graduates the skills, experience, and connections they need to succeed in this competitive field.

In this podcast, we'll hear from the Career Development Centre's resident consulting expert and a current sponsored MBA student from Strategy& who will share their insights on what makes INSEAD a top destination for aspiring consultants.

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Stephane Ponce

Stephane is an experienced professional in the fields of partnership development, talent acquisition, talent development, campus recruitment, business advisory services, coaching and training.

At INSEAD, he works with professionals around the world, from a young high potential in the Master in Management programme to a Managing Director of a reputed global organisation in the Executive MBA. 

Walid Haddad

Walid is an MBA’23J student and consultant with Strategy&. Together with other consultants and the INSEAD Consulting Club, he created a mentor-mentee platform with the objective of matching the consultants with those wanting to apply to the industry.


2:39 Introduction of Stephan Ponce and Walid Haddad

  • How they got started in consulting
  • An example of a non-conventional consulting project
  • The fundamental principles of consulting

9:45 What is the difference between a good consultant and a good listener?

12:50 Consultants solve business problems

  • Consultants solve business problems and solve complex problems
  • How the consulting industry has evolved
  • Consulting companies are expanding into venture capital and startup consulting
  • The major players in the space

18:07 What’s a typical day like at a consulting firm?

  • The daily routine of consulting
  • Consulting is a three-step process
  • Working from home vs working from the office

23:35 The most difficult part of consulting is when you physically deliver the result

  • Problem-solving in consulting
  • Working on multiple scenarios in consulting work
  • One way to approach problem-solving
  • Advice for aspiring consultants in the consulting industry
  • The first step is self-reflection

31:26 How can we prepare people for consulting?

  • One and only expert in recruiting and consulting at INSEAD
  • Prepare yourself for feedback
  • Mentors and the INSEAD Consulting Club

36:07 What’s the most common question people ask about consulting?

  • Consulting is the heart of solving problems
  • The most common questions people ask about consulting
  • The future of consulting is a one-stop shop
  • Consulting companies are collaborating together

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