"Most people are strangers to themselves", said Manfred Kets de Vries, Programme Founder of the INSEAD Executive Master in Change and Distinguished Clinical Professor of Leadership Development & Organisational Change in a 2020 webinar. "Many of them resort to the manic defence – filling their calendar with a flurry of activities meant to prevent them from having any time to reflect. They are always running, without knowing what they are running for or running towards. Also, they feel drained, but they don’t understand why. Others, having reached the pinnacle of professional success, fail to find meaning."

Today we discuss the Executive Master in Change (EMC) programme and how understanding yourself can lead to transformation, and a more meaningful life both professionally and personally. 

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Our Guests

Sini Dimitrios Parampota, EMC'21

Sini is a global citizen with 25+ years of diverse experience, using career development to build bridges, promote DEI and drive change. She is a lifelong learning enthusiast and digital geek, currently researching the impact of infertility on women leaders’ career aspirations.

For the last decade, she has worked with the Qatar Career Development Center, a member of the Qatar Foundation. She is the proud founder of Thrive Lab Qatar.

An avid explorer, Sini enjoys travelling around the world and meeting new cultures. She is fluent in Greek, English, German and has practical skills in Arabic and Italian. She is married and lives in Doha with her Qatari husband.

Patrick Parker, EMC'18

Patrick is the Director of Specialised Degree Programmes at INSEAD and also an EMC graduate. Patrick has gained over 20 years of international business education experience and specialises in people management, programme management and design, and candidate admissions.

EMC Thesis

The EMC programme consists of eight on-campus modules as well as 50 hours of “practicum” (supervised diagnosis and practitioner exercises), and a Master Thesis of up to 50 pages. Selected theses are published in the The Annals of Psychodynamic-Systemic Practitioner Research.

Click below to download the two theses discussed in the podcast:

Women leaders’ career aspirations colliding with infertility (PDF)

The Dark Side of the Moon (PDF)

The EMC Experience

Sini described the EMC experience as similar to Ithaca, the poem by Constatine Cavafy; "hope your road is a long one, full of adventure, full of discovery."

ITHACA by Constantine Cavafy


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