By joining the INSEAD MBA, you choose academic excellence, a rich diverse community and extracurricular opportunities to enhance your overall student experience. As the world's future leaders, why not leverage these opportunities and hone your leadership skills by taking on an impactful leadership position? 

For example, be the voice of your section as a class representative, be a member of a club management team for one of the 40+ clubs, help recruit for future MBA intakes as a student ambassador, or represent and advocate for the student body as a whole by being part of the student council. 

So what exactly do these different roles involve? What impact can you make and what is some advice on balancing your busy student life with these responsibilities? In this podcast episode hosts Angela and Eva speak to two students from the MBA'23J cohort to learn more. 

Our student guests:

Fadwa Kingsbury (MBA 23J, Co-President of the 23J Student Council) 
Patrice A. El Kamari (MBA 23J, Co-VP Clubs & Initiatives)


Angela Rachel (Student Life Officer, INSEAD Degree Programmes) 
Eva Laporte (Student Life Officer, INSEAD Degree Programmes) 


1:20 - About the guests and reasons for applying to INSEAD
3:30 - Motivation for running for the MBA Student Council 
6:40 - Different leadership roles available and how to find more information about these roles
8:55 - Initiatives and projects that the guests have worked on for their cohort
13:00 - Memorable experiences during the time in student governance roles  
15:15 - How being part of student governance has impacted personal growth
17:20 - Similarities and differences between the role of student representatives vs. student council and other roles such as club leaders and student ambassadors 
21:30 - Challenges faced while serving in student governance, and how to overcome these 
25:00 - How being part of student governance contributed to the overall student experience and campus community
27:00 - Balancing responsibilities as a student with commitments in student governance
31:00 - Important qualities to posses for a student leadership role
34:30 - Advice for future students who are interested in taking up student leadership roles
37:30 - Collaborating with INSEAD administration and faculty to support student interests
40:54 - Plans after graduation and continuing the student council momentum

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