INSEAD’s MBA student life is diverse and transformational. A cultural melting pot of experiences that triggers students to re-shape their perceived reality beyond the classroom; from sports activities to unforgettable travel experiences, or from cheerful parties to intimate heartfelt dinners. 

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MBA Student, versatile problem solver, interested in sustainable innovation and strategy. Five years experience in a variety of operations and manufacturing roles. Passion for consumer goods and people management.


Results-driven go-to-market strategist who is passionate about technology and global leadership. Shruti grew from sales executive to a Global Director with Lightspeed HQ, a SaaS POS provider that experienced employee growth of 100 – 1500 employees, nine acquisitions, $347M in funding and went public on TSX and NYSE.


00:00 - Career backgrounds and what brought you to this point in your careers?

02:41: The main motivation for wanting to partake in the MBA programme at INSEAD as compared to other schools. What factors figured most prominently into your decision of where to attend? 

04:09 - What are some of the preparations you made before coming to INSEAD, and would you have any tips for future MBA students thinking about applying?

06:37 - Challenges faced and how did you overcome them 

09:38 - What would you say your week usually looks like as an MBA student at INSEAD? 

13:28 - Most exciting moments about being in the MBA programme 

16:54 - What are some of the things you did to occupy your free time in either campus? 

20:40 - What would you say the classroom experience was like and your interactions with the professors? 

24:15 - Were you involved in any leadership opportunities while pursuing the MBA? And what was the experience like to be part of that?

28:28 - How would you describe the INSEAD MBA culture? 

31:28 - What do you think is your most valuable or differentiating contribution to the Class of December 2021? 

34:00 - If you had to summarise your experience at INSEAD in three words or less, what would it be? 

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