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In this episode, we'll hear from Priyanka Nath, who will share about her experiences, challenges, and opportunities she has faced as a woman in the working world.

Our Guest Today

Priyanka Nath is a strategic and results-driven marketer with 16 years of experience in the Asia-Pacific region's travel, technology, lifestyle retail and FMCG sectors.

With roles and responsibilities across B2B/B2C operations, global/country/regional teams and traditional/new media campaigns, she has cultivated a broad skill set and an agile approach.

She is an ardent believer in the digital medium and its potential to transform multiple facets of our lives—the trajectory of our careers, the business models of the companies we work for, and our community at large.

About Limitless

We live in a world of constraints—some physical, some cultural, but always personal. These mindsets limit our human potential to achieve great things in life and hinder experiences that not only enrich ourselves but also benefit society at large.

Through LIMITLESS, INSEAD strives to create a diverse community where individuals from all backgrounds can thrive and pursue their ambitions.

In honour of this commitment, we are proud to launch "Ambition Has No Gender - Stories of Vulnerability and Courage".

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1:17 - Priyanka's self-introduction
1:50 - Transition into setting up her own business
4:24 - Common barriers she faced as a woman in the working world
10:00 - How she felt when facing discrimination
10:57 - Advice to women who have faced discrimination
14:10 - The broken rung
14:26 - Common issues that women face in the working world
17:15 - Importance of her support system
21:32 - What led her to pursue her MBA at INSEAD
23:08 - How has INSEAD helped her career
24:45 - Her role models
26:58 - Her message to other women

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